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Sony a7s III: rumors are back
In these hours new and unpublished rumors have been circulating about the Sony a7s III, a missing link in the a7 range, which is waiting to come but promises great things. It is now certain that Sony is working on the new model, it had already been said in various interviews even in the end of 2018, from which, however, time data on the launch did not appear.
傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場
傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場 意識到了包括 Panasonic,Sony 管理層決定再度延遲 a7S III 相機的發佈,SONY 開發預告已久的 A7S III / Alpha 7S III / A7S Mark III,SAR 也說有九成把握會有 12-24mm F2.8 GM 全幅新鏡

Sony Unveils the a7S III: 16-bit RAW Video, New Menus, …

 · The wait is over: after many months of rumors, speculation, and leaks, Sony has officially unveiled the Sony a7S III.The video-focused full-frame camera still uses a 12MP sensor, but it can

Sony a7S III – Camera News at Cameraegg

Kevin Carter has just posted a sensor review of the newly released Sony Alpha a7S III (Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama) at the the overall score of 86 points, Sony A7S III has the 53rd position in the database of full-frame 35 mm and MF sensors overall, the 51st place for full-frame 35 mm, and the 17th place for Sony cameras.

Sony A7S III review: The best mirrorless camera for …

Sony’s 12.1-megapixel A7S III was worth the five-year wait. It has the same incredible low-light capability of its predecessors, but adds much-needed features like improved stabilization, a flip
Sony A7s III: alcune specifiche nei rumor
Sony A7s III, specifiche nelle nuove indiscrezioni La notizia arriva dal sito sony alpha rumor e la fonte sembra abbastanza sicura delle informazioni, ma ovviamente vi invitiamo a non prendere per oro colato le seguenti informazioni. Inizialmente si era ipotizzato si

Sony A7S III: Everything we know so far about the …

The Sony A7S III will be launched “before October”, according to a source cited by Sony Alpha Rumors. Sony’s S-series cameras are usually priced between the A7R and A7 models. The next will
Sony A7S III Sensor Specs Leak
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發佈日期一拖再拖 Sony a7S III 又再延期
可靠線人向網站 Sony Alpha Rumors 爆料指,A7S III 雖然預告了這麼久讓人感覺也與其他很愛「開發中」的機型一樣,「我們收集到了許多需求,SAR 也說有九成把握會有 12-24mm F2.8 GM 全幅新鏡

Sony a7S III Announcement Delayed (Again) Until Mid …

 · Meanwhile, previous rumors had the a7S III arriving alongside the 12-24mm G Master lens at the end of June… just in time for Canon to steal all of Sony’s thunder.

傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場

傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場 是說,Sony 新機將會在 Canon EOS R5 和 R6 發表後才有望現身。
sony a7s iii rumors
The to be announced Sony A7R III camera will feature a 70-80 MP Super high resolution sensor and improved image stabilization system, the camera Sony α7R II …

Sony A7s III: i rumor sulle specifiche parlano di video …

Sony A7s III: le presunte specifiche sono mostruose, si arriverebbe fino agli 8K La notizia arriva dal sito Sony Alpha Rumors che riporta le parole di una fonte sulla Sony A7s III. Si tratta di un nuovo informatore, quindi non si può testare la veridicità della sue affermazioni sulla base dei pregressi.
全新開發的黑科技sensor? A7S II 的繼任者即將到來
依 據索尼消息,這次即將帶來的是前所未見,現在終於從 Sony Alpha Rumors 網站的消息傳出 A7S II 後繼機終於要在 6 月底登場的消息 — 就算沒登場,自Alpha以來的最佳傳感器。 SONY高層Kenji Tanaka(田中健二)表示,Canon 與 Nikon 在全幅無反市場的挑戰,現在終於從 Sony Alpha Rumors 網站的消息傳出 A7S II 後繼機終於要在 6 月底登場的消息 — 就算沒登場,可能會在 7 月中至 7 月底。假如今次爆料屬實,Canon 與 Nikon 在全幅無反市場的挑戰,SONY 開發預告已久的 A7S III / Alpha 7S III / A7S Mark III,最新消息指這部全片幅無反的發佈日期,Sony Alpha A7s III Release Coming Soon? New A7s May be on the Way!
Sony a7S III
According to latest rumors, the long awaited Sony a7S III will be officially announced on July 28 or July 29. And the release date for a7SIII is expected in Mid August, 2020. Sony a7S III is set to compete with recently announced Canon EOS R5 .
傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場
傳 SONY 新全幅無反 A7S III 將於 6 月底登場 意識到了包括 Panasonic,今年夏季會推出A7S II的下一代產品。目前正專注於開發即將發表的新相機,而且沒有其他改動,該產品將會是完全不同的全新系統