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Where to buy and return octopus card at the airport?
Answer 1 of 4: Hi! I would like to check where can I purchase the octopus card at the T1 arrival hall before boarding the city bus A21? And where can I return the card …

Where can I buy the octopus card from the Hong Kong …

1. Well, after completing immigrationn procedures, you can see a round counter in the arrival hall (public area), where you can get a card 2. First of all, these are On-Loan Card, Sold Card and Airport Express Travel Pass for you to choose. The first two types can
Can i buy a ‘Sold Tourist Octopus Card’, at HK airport ?
Answer 1 of 8: Can i buy this card at the airport when i arrive, and if so where, at the airport ? And what do i need to show to get it ? I understand that the difference between the tourist card and the local card is :- 1) Sold Tourist Octopus cost 39HKD
Hong Kong Octopus Card and how to use it
On-Loan: The on-loan Octopus is available at all Hong Kong Metro (MTR) stations, including the airport. It has an upfront cost of 150 Hong Kong dollars ($19). However, HK$100 is stored on the card for you to use immediately, and the remaining HK$50 is a
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 · Yes, the kiosk at the Airport Express Train in the correct place to buy the card and you need to pay by cash. There are plenty of ATM’s available at the airport. You can re-load your card at 7-11’s or at the MTR stations.
Buying Octopus Card At Hong Kong Airport
Jul 8, 2019 – You can pre-order online now for an Octopus Card At Hong Kong Airport and get it discounted or buy it in person and pay full price.

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 · Just buy the regular Octopus card (On Loan Octopus Card). You pay $150 to start, and you can top up as you need at MTR stations or 7/11 stores. If you are taking the Airport Express train, instead of using the Octopus card, you should buy tickets separately.
Can I buy a Octopus card at 7-11?
Answer 1 of 9: Well I made it into HK last night ,no issues other than my ATM card got rejected at airport ATMs so I did credit card AE to get into town ,exchanged US cash for HKD at Chungking Mansions.rate was 7.737 for anyone inquiring , but no Octopus card
Octopus Card for Tourists
Apr 28, 2019 – Octopus Card for Tourists in Hong Kong is a MUST HAVE when visiting, it’s scary how many things you can use it for! Get one here WITH credit.
Octopus Card for Tourists
Apr 20, 2019 – Octopus Card for Tourists in Hong Kong is a MUST HAVE when visiting, it’s scary how many things you can use it for! Get one here WITH credit.

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Where to buy the card The On-Loan Octopus Card can be bought at the following places: Airport Express Customer Service Centre, MTR Customer Service Centre (except Racecourse station), as well as other Customer Service Centers of public transportation companies.
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Quick answer: You can purchase an “adult Octopus Card” at Customer Service Centre of any MTR stations (including Airport, except Racecourse station). They will give you an On-loan Standard Octopus. (See below for more locations) It will cost you HK$150 (in which HK$100 is the stored value, and HK$50 is refundable deposit).
Where can I buy on loan Octopus card at the airport?
Answer 1 of 7: I checked the MTR website, it said I could get an On-Loan Octopus by “Visit the MTR Customer Service Centre or MTR Ticket and Octopus Selling Machine at the Hong Kong International Airport to get an On-Loan Octopus.” Where is the MTR
Octopus card for seniors
You can buy the Elder Octopus Card at age 60 or over although it doesn’t actually provide much benefit until you reach age 65. Only one bus operator Citybus offers concessionary fares at age 60 (except in respect of its cross-harbour routes which are jointly operated with KMB).

Hong Kong Airport Express

Buy a ticket on the spot at the airport Purchase a ticket online in advance through the MTR website Simply use your Octopus Card to ride the Airport Express without a need of buying a ticket, the correct fare will be deducted from your Octopus Card balance
Can I buy an Octopus card airside at HKIA?
With a layover of 4 hours, you have enough time to go landside to buy an Octopus card after your 5:15am arrival. I think the Airport Express station opens at 6am. I don’t know if that is worth your time going through immigration twice and security once just for that